There are thousands of ways to build. But there is only one way to build with quality & value, & that’s with Spahn & Rose, which is exactly what you can expect from our recommended vendors. 

Our preferred vendors offer us quality products and we can provide top of class service and competitive prices to our customers. It’s that simple!

Accurate Housing Systems

Accurate Housing Systems specializes in the design, fabrication, and delivery of roof trusses, floor trusses, and wall panels. Read More


We are right by your side with a wide variety of building products at a fair price delivered when needed. You can depend on us to be there Beyond the Order. 

Marvin Windows

Marvin windows push design to its limits in aesthetics, function and durability. With a broad range of sizes, configurations and design options, Marvin windows are preferred for new construction, remodels and replacement projects. Read More

Metrie Mouldings

Metrie is dedicated to creating high-quality, finely crafted architectural elements has helped them grow to become the largest supplier and manufacturer of solid wood and composite moulding in North America. Read More

Universal Forest Products

Universal Forest Products, Inc. is an American company that manufactures and distributes wood and wood-alternative products, pressure-treated wood, engineered roof systems for site-built construction and manufactured housing, and a solid-sawn lumber buyer. Read More

Weekes Forest Products

Weekes Forest Products is your independent lumber & building product distributors. Their 65+ sales professionals are the experts for a wide variety of lumber, panels, engineered wood, industrial products related/specialty building products and much more. Read More